"Aria di Follia"


I am delighted to introduce you to my new group "Aria di Follia" based in Rome, but flexible to travel and share music everywhere! 

Theresia Bothe: Voice and archlute

Luigi Polsini: diverse violas 

Simone Colavecchi: guitars and lutes

Paolo Rossetti Murittu: Percussions

ARIA DI FOLLIA is made up of 4 unique and exceptional musicians, for their multifaceted experiences in the musical field and in their civil and social commitment. Since the first time they met, the group found affinity and cohesion, which provided the ensemble immediately with character and a lively personality. The choice of the name represents the richness and variety of contrast, which characterizes the performing style and the repertoire of the group: going from subtle sweetness to intense desperation, embracing the wide emotional spectrum the human genius can set to music. The dynamics range from the pianissimo of a sigh to a forte full of passion or grieve. Agogics move from frantic and precise to the long time period of intense breathing.

The repertoire of the group is large, but the early Italian baroque and traditional folk music remain central, keeping present the connections that have always bound them together.

The personality of Theresia’s voice, the sensibility of Luigi, the flexibility of Paolo and the eloquence of Simone promise an unforgettable experience.

Music builds bridges between people; it can create an open disposition which encourages constructive discussion, or it may create silence where words may no longer be needed. Sometimes music is able to touch places in us to which words only seldom have access; it can be a transforming force within and without.

I speak and serve through music, whenever I can.