A week in SICILIA

I am delighted you are interested in coming to Sicily to sing, dance and get to know one of the richest places - regarding culture - that we have in Europa!


Sicily is remarkable, I have been living here for some years now and I always find new secrets and places which just take my breath away.

This photograph is the Golfo of Castellammare, this is the place we will be at, with day-trips to get to know the places close by like: Segesta and Erice.



 These workshops are conceived as a cultural/artistica trips: to see, to listen, to get to know and to share. 


We all sing differently but we can blend in resonance, harmony and rhythm. Our voices and bodies can connect us to ourselves and with others.

 The workshop with Theresia and Soad will transport us to taste the flavour of various cultures, exploring the group’s vocal sonorities and dynamics.  The use of the body dancing will be a wonderful experience of exploration and sharing! 


All people are welcome, it is conceived for all levels. 


From May 19th

to May 26th  2018 

Stella Splendens 

In this week we will study the full book of medieval songs "Llivre vermeil de Montserrat" a wonderful collection of songs to be sung and danced. A true medieval experience in present times with an evening dedicated to local-wine tasting!

May is a beautiful time to visit the island, it is full spring, usual warm and full of flowers!

We will perform a final concert on the 25th in Erice, an enchanting medieval village.


From the 13th to the 20th  of October 2018

Olio di Vita we will learn a selection of World-music and traditional dances, including sefardic and Mediterranen music.

October in Sicily is fascinating for many reasons, it's still warm enough to swim, but it's not to hot! Ideal for exploring and for experiencing a morning dedicated to collecting olives! 




Soad Ibrahim (Italy/Egypt)


She specializes in gypsy and north-African dance. She is also a dance-therapist. She grew up between Italy, Greece and Egypt. She now lives in Palermo working mainly in dance projects related to social inclusion and the mother-child relationship world.